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Ankara Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ankara criminal defense lawyer

Ankara criminal lawyer; It is useful to explain that there is no such discourse as a criminal lawyer in the profession and in law. Expressions such as Ankara criminal lawyer were born in society because colleagues mostly work on certain types of cases.

Criminal Courts of First Instance and Heavy Penal Courts have been established in relation to acts that are criminalized in the Turkish Penal Code and other laws. In the Criminal Law, the stage that lasts from the moment of gaining the title of suspect until the indictment is accepted is called the investigation, and the process that continues from the acceptance of the indictment to the finalization of the verdict is called the prosecution stage. It is essential to act together with a lawyer at both stages.


It can be easily said that every step to be taken in a criminal trial is very difficult to compensate. That is why it is of great importance to find a criminal lawyer and act with him. The involvement of an expert in this chaotic process (investigation + prosecution), which takes place under the influence of various emotions, will change all the possibilities for each person who is part of the process.

One of the most important areas in which Attorney Enes TEKER works is criminal law. He provides legal assistance without distinction as to whether the client is a defendant or a victim of the crime.

Ankara Criminal Defense Lawyer, Courthouse

Ankara Courthouse, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Some of the crimes regulated in the Turkish Penal Code:

Endangering traffic safety, endangering traffic safety by recklessness. Production and trade of narcotics and psychotropic substances. Using a bond without value, theft by deception, qualified theft by deception. Intentional killing - qualified cases, intentional killing by act of ommission, directing suicide, reckless killing.


Intentional injury, aggravated injury on account of its consequences, intentional injury by omission, reckless injury, torture, aggravated torture on account of its consequences, torment. Sexual assault, child molestation, sexual intercourse between/with persons not attained the lawful age, sexual harassment. Threat, blackmail, force, deprivation of liberty. Theft, qualified theft.


Robbery, qualified robbery. Damage to property, qualified cases of damage to property. Insult, insult due to tort or mutual insult, insulting the memory of a person. Abuse of trust.


Destruction of a seal, counterfeiting official documents, damage, destruction or concealment of an official document. Prostitution, providing an environment or the means for gambling. Counterfeiting money, counterfeiting valuable stamps, counterfeiting a seal. Providing false information in the course of issuing anofficial document, counterfeiting private documents, damage, destruction or concealment of a private document.


Misuse of an open signature, praising an offence and offender. Establishing organisations for the purpose of committing crimes. Kidnapping and detention of a child. Unlawful money lending, calumny, using another’s identity card or information.


Breach of confidentiality, recording of sound or image. Violation of the immunity of residence, disturbing an individuals’ peace and harmony. Violation of confidentiality of communication, eavesdropping and recording of conversations between persons, violation of privacy. Recording of personal data, illegally obtaining or giving data, destruction of data.


Misuse of bank or credit cards, embezzlement, extortion. Intentional or culpable endangerment of public safety. Admission of an offence, fabricating an offence. Preventing the functioning of a system and deletion, alteration or corrupting of data.


Insulting the President of the Republic, Degrading Turkish Nation, State of Turkish Republic, the organs and institutions of the State. Political or military espionage, disclosure of information relating to the security and political interests of the State, Disclosure of information which must be kept confidential.

Few services provided as a criminal defense lawyer in Ankara before the investigating authorities and criminal courts:

Writing a detailed complaint and preparing its attachments. Appeal against non-prosecution decisions. Defense and representation of the suspect or accused. The detention process; being present as a lawyer during the deposition, and providing legal support (in law enforcement centers such as police stations, gendarmerie stations and prosecutor's office providing legal assistance as a counsel during the taking of statements).


Defence and legal assistance as a defendant's defense counsel in the Heavy Penal Court. Acting as a counsel for the complainant in the Heavy Penal Court.


Counsel for the accused and counsel for the complainant in the Criminal Court of First Instance. Counsel of the suspect and complainant at the Criminal Court of Peace. Appeal against the arrest warrant.


Visiting prisoners and convicts in prison and legal assistance in the preparation of their defense. Writing a detailed appeal. Making an individual application to the Constitutional Court. Application to the European Court of Human Rights for rights violations.​

Each individual has the right of litigation either as plaintiff or defendant and the right to a fair trial before the courts through legitimate means and procedures.

Kindly contact us for your questions and services regarding Ankara criminal defense lawyer - criminal cases.

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