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Lawyer in Konya, Turkey - Law Firm

Lawyer in Konya, Turkey, Law Firm
''Law is will to justice.''

Legal and consulting services - lawyer in Konya, Turkey

One of Anatolia's oldest cities, Konya is a location where spirituality and history surround you, influencing your soul and senses. It is one of Turkey's most desirable and significant cities. It is also one of the oldest cities, dating back to 7000 BC. Konya, which is a historical city and the cradle of numerous civilizations that made it a hub of culture and trade, is situated in the middle of southern Turkey.


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A lawyer is often needed to solve issues brought on by changes and advancements in both daily life and business. Legal problems need to be solved by experts who are knowledgeable about them and have the necessary resources. Trying to manage a legal case without legal counsel may result in rights being lost.

Lawyers are essential because the law has an impact on every aspect of society. What then does a lawyer do? The question is simple, but the answer is challenging. In essence, a lawyer is a trained expert who counsels clients on legal matters. These rules can be expressed in a variety of ways, such as by arguing a case in court, attending to the legal requirements of a challenging business transaction, or even by creating legislation. There are no two identical days in a lawyer's life, but almost all legal careers require the same set of abilities, such as public speaking, counseling, strategy, problem solving, bargaining, writing, etc.

Need a lawyer in Konya?

Enes Teker, a lawyer, offers his clients the greatest legal counsel possible thanks to his intense passion, expertise, and legal education. He provides legal services in a variety of practice areas, with a particular focus on criminal law, compensation law, family, probate and estate law, corporate and business law, real estate and zoning law.

  • Criminal justice, compensation act, corporate law. Litigation.

  • Inheritance, divorce, and family law.

  • Commercial, property, and labor law. Contract and administrative law.

  • Residence - Work Permit. Immigration and international Law. Objection to detention and deportation orders...

Use the contact options on this site to contact Mr. Advocate if you are looking for a law firm or lawyer in Konya. Mr. Attorney is available for consultation anytime. In the context of professionalism, frankness and shared trust, the attorney will provide you with detailed information and recommend the best course of action.


Whether it is a criminal investigation or a lawsuit, an administrative decision that affects you, a private legal dispute or another difficult issue, he is determined to find a solution.

“I believe in due process, justice, and fairness. Those values are very important to me.”

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