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Criminal Lawyer in Mersin

Criminal lawyer in Mersin, Turkey

Mersin criminal lawyer; let's clarify that there are no legal distinctions in the legal profession such as criminal lawyer. Discourses such as Mersin criminal lawyer mostly emerged among the public. For this reason, we would like to say that we have included the discourse of criminal lawyer in this short article.​


The purpose of the Criminal Code is; to protect individual rights and freedoms, public order and security, the rule of law, public health and the environment, public peace, and to prevent crime. In order to achieve this aim, the basic principles of criminal responsibility and types of crime, punishment and security measures are regulated in the law.

In Turkey, crime is defined as any act that is prohibited and subject to punishment according to the Turkish Penal Code or special laws that include criminal offenses. A crime consists of three components: material, moral, and illegality. If someone intentionally or recklessly violates legal values that are crucial for maintaining social order, or if they carelessly disregard rules aimed at protecting these values, their actions may be considered a crime. In short, any negligent or deliberate violation of laws designed to safeguard these fundamental values is a criminal offense.

Criminal liability arises when an individual knowingly and intentionally commits an act that meets the legal definition of a crime. However, acts committed due to negligence may also result in punishment, but only in cases specifically identified by the law.


Negligence refers to the failure to foresee the outcome specified in the legal definition of a crime due to a lack of care and attention towards one's duties. In essence, negligence involves the execution of an action without taking into account the potential consequences, which can also result in criminal charges under certain circumstances as stipulated by law.

Criminal lawyer in Mersin, some of the services provided by us:

Legal assistance during the investigation phase (police station, prosecutor's office, criminal judgeship of peace), ensuring the initiation of a criminal investigation. Legal aid during the prosecution phase. Legal advice through case file review. Attorneyship of the accused and the complainant in the court of first instance and heavy penal court. The attorneyship of the accused and the complainant in the juvenile court.

Immigrant smuggling, insults, torture, persecution, deprivation of liberty. Unfair search, damage to property, violation of the immunity of the home, abuse of trust. Threats, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, minor sex and sexual harassment. Injury, theft, willful killing, negligent killing. Manufacture and sale of drugs or stimulants, looting - extortion, fraud, forgery of official - private documents. Shipment or transportation of drugs, acceptance and possession of drugs, selling, offering for sale or purchasing, supplying drugs. Drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, drug import, drug export. The crime of violating the law numbered 6136 - the crime of possessing, purchasing or carrying an unlicensed weapon, knife or bullet...

Certain Rights

Generally, individuals under suspicion of a crime are entitled to certain rights. First, the crime they are being accused of must be explained to them. Additionally, they must be immediately informed of their right to notify any family members of their situation. They must be informed that they have the right to choose a lawyer and receive legal assistance.


Furthermore, they are entitled to have their lawyer present during their questioning or statement. If they are unable to choose a lawyer, the bar association shall appoint one for them. The suspect or accused also has the legal right to remain silent and not make any statements regarding the charged crime. However, they have the obligation to answer questions regarding their identity truthfully. At any point during the investigation or prosecution, they may benefit from the assistance of one or more lawyers. They may also request concrete evidence to be collected to eliminate any doubt and to present evidence in their favor.

At every stage of the investigation and prosecution phases, the right of the lawyer to meet with the suspect or accused, to be with him/her during the statement or interrogation, and to provide legal assistance cannot be hindered or restricted.​

Criminal Law is a highly significant area of law, and Attorney Enes TEKER is dedicated to providing legal assistance to clients, whether they are victims or accused of a crime. He is committed to addressing all of your criminal legal needs and crises promptly and effectively.

If you have any questions regarding criminal cases or the services provided by a criminal lawyer in Mersin, you may reach out. Mr. Lawyer is available to provide you with the guidance and support you need.

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