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Compensation Law


Compensation is the price paid in response to pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage caused by an unlawful act. Compensation law covers the elimination of material / moral damage caused by injury, harm and / or damage caused by various situations.

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Real Estate and Zoning Law


Real estate law is a branch of law that covers the legislation on immovable properties. Zoning law deals with regulations governing how a property can and cannot be used in certain geographic areas.

Criminal law


It is a department of public law that examines the concepts of criminal law, crime and punishment.

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Family and Inheritance Law


Family law falls within the scope of civil law and covers family matters. Inheritance law is a branch of private law that deals with testamentary dispositions and what will happen to inheritance properties that exist after death, absence or presumption of death.

Commercial Law


Commercial law is a branch of law that includes commercial transactions and all legal regulations related to trade and ensures that trade is carried out in an orderly and fair manner. This branch of law covers everything from the establishment of commercial enterprises to their management and advertising. It covers a wide range of topics, from betting regulations to consumer rights.

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Labour law


It is a mixed law branch that examines issues related to labour law, workers' rights, working conditions, wages, trade unions and employer-employee relations.

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law


Enforcement and bankruptcy law deals with how the how debtor transactions are being collected by the state and according to which procedure and how the bankruptcy process works.

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IT law


It deals with information technology regulations, including information law, information processing and the internet. Freedom of expression and privacy are closely related to informatics law.

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Contract Law


Contract law covers the preparation and execution of contracts.

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Administrative and Tax Law


Administrative law is a branch of law that deals with the functioning of the administration for the purpose of public interest and its relations with individuals. Tax law is a sub-branch of financial law, which is included in public law and examines the legal aspects of the state's financial activities.

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Insurance Law


Insurance law is a branch of private law which deals with contracts in which in return for a premium the insurer is obliged to compensate for a risk that harms a person's interest that can be measured with money or to pay a money or perform other acts due to the life span of one or more persons/some events in their lives.

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Foreigners and Citizenship Law


Foreigners law is a branch of law created by the laws of a state or country for foreigners coming to a country. Citizenship law is a branch of law that deals with the issues of nationality and citizenship and their acquisition, transfer and loss.

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