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About Atty. Enes TEKER

Lawyer in Mersin, Attorney Enes Teker
Attorney Enes TEKER was born in 1998 in Diyarbakır. He completed his primary and secondary education in Çüngüş and his high school education in Elazığ. After graduating from Baskil Anatolian Teacher High School in 2015, in the same year he was entitled to enter Marmara University Faculty of Law. In the second year of his university life, he enrolled in Anadolu University Faculty of Economics, Department of International Relations. After graduating from both faculties in 2019 and completing his lawyer internship at Istanbul Bar Association, he worked in Istanbul for a while and returned to Mersin at the request of his family. Apart from Turkish, he speaks English, Russian, Zaza and intermediate level French. He currently continues his professional activities as a lawyer registered to the Mersin Bar Association.
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