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''If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us.''

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With a good legal background, experience and great passion, the lawyer Enes Teker is based in Mersin and tries to provide the best legal service it can get to his clients. After graduating from the Faculty of Law, although he got offers to work with many law firms in Istanbul, he decided to return to Mersin upon the insistence of his family. Advocate, who speaks English, Russian, Zaza and French intermediate level in addition to Turkish, can provide legal support in different languages. According to him the one of the most significant things that should keep a person alive must be the struggle to learn and improve.


Here are some of his experiences in Istanbul and elsewhere in the country:

In D&M Law Firm, he mostly was writing petitions, translating contracts and official documents almost in every field of law, following on cases, doing research, making contracts, applying for arbitration and following on cases before arbitration, launching enforcement procedures before the executive offices and following on cases before the execution office (the whole process up until to the sale).

With Demir Law Firm, he mostly was attending court hearings, keeping in touch with local and foreign clients and responding to questions they may have, closely following criminal and civil law cases, translating official documents and contracts, preparing contracts.

In Denge Law Firm he was dealing with decision writing (in cooperation with the arbitrator), judicial proceedings, research, petition writing, enforcement procedure initiation and follow up of the subsequent operation, the application before the arbitration...

Mr. Lawyer, who provides services in many fields of law, focuses especially on criminal law, foreigners and citizenship law, compensation law, labor law, family and inheritance law, commercial law and real estate and zoning law.

Some other practice areas:

Corporate Law

Medical Law

Contract Law

International Business Law

Insurance Law

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