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Family and Divorce Lawyer in Ankara

Family and divorce lawyer in Ankara; we should say right away that there are no legal distinctions such as family lawyer, divorce lawyer or similar ones in the legal profession. Expressions such as Ankara divorce lawyer have originated among the people. For this reason, we have included the same expression in this short information page in order not to cause confusion.


Divorce lawyer is a term used to describe lawyers who specialize in family law and follow the legal processes of divorced couples in order to ensure that the marriage ends in line with the legislation.

Family law is one of the sub-branches of civil law that deals with family relationships, marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and related issues. It aims to protect the rights and interests of family members while promoting family unity, stability, and security. Family law is important because it has a wide range of effects on both individuals and families.

Ankara Family Lawyer

Ankara Family and Divorce Lawyer

A family lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in providing legal services related to family law, which encompasses a range of legal issues related to familial relationships, including marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence, among others.


Family lawyers can provide legal advice, negotiate settlements, draft legal documents, represent clients in court, and help resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods. Their primary goal is to protect the legal rights and best interests of their clients, while also working to minimize the emotional and financial impact of family law issues on their clients and their families.

Divorce Lawyer in Ankara

When two people enter into the institution of marriage, they do so by their own choice, but sometimes the choices they make may not work out as intended. In such cases, individuals may seek to end the marital relationship, and the answer to this problem is the divorce instution.


Divorce is the legal process by which a marriage is ended with the decision of a judge. This is the normal way of ending a marriage, as other circumstances such as death, absence, or change of sex can also terminate a marriage. Under the law, divorce can only be granted with the decision of a judge, and a unilateral declaration of will is not sufficient. Therefore, the process of obtaining a divorce requires the filing of a lawsuit. 


Separation and divorce can present a person with many legal complications, as there are various regulations and procedures that must be followed. It is therefore important to seek the guidance of a divorce lawyer who possesses a deep understanding of family law and divorce cases. Working with an experienced lawyer can make the process less complicated and challenging.


Enes TEKER is a lawyer who specializes in family law and divorce cases, providing legal consultancy, litigation, and representation services in Ankara, Mersin, and the surrounding provinces. His services include handling contested and uncontested divorce cases, preparing property regime contracts, representing clients in custody, alimony, and compensation claims, filing lawsuits for annulment of marriage, and preparing protocols.


Additionally, he can assist with decisions related to paternity actions, family protection, and prevention of violence against women, as well as property regime cases and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. Furthermore, he can assist with removing the iddat (wait) period in accordance with applicable laws.

The reasons for divorce are listed one by one in the Turkish Civil Code. The court cannot decide on divorce for any reason other than the reasons listed in the Civil Code. The specific reasons for divorce are adultery, intent on life, severe ill-treatment or degrading treatment, committing a humiliating crime or leading a dishonorable life, abandonment and mental illness. The general reasons are the breakdown of marriage, the agreement of the spouses on divorce (contractual divorce), the inability to establish a common life or the de facto separation.

There are two ways in which a divorce decision can be reached: through an agreement where both parties consent, or through a contested divorce where there is disagreement between the parties.

Uncontested and Contested Divorce

These cases are the cases where both spouses aim to end the marriage as soon as possible with a common will. If the marriage has lasted more than a year, a divorce can be accomplished quickly and smoothly with a detailed and well-prepared protocol. Even if no protocol is initially drawn up, a spouse may file a lawsuit that the other spouse accepts, resulting in an uncontested divorce. In uncontested divorce cases, the parties agree on all issues and prepare a protocol that includes the financial results of the divorce and the children's situation. During the hearing, the court reviews the protocol, with both spouses present, and if it meets the necessary requirements, the court approves the divorce according to the protocol.


Seeking legal assistance while preparing the protocol or filing to the court can prevent potential complications later on. An uncontested divorce typically takes anywhere from a week to a month to complete, depending on the court's workload. These cases are usually decided in a single hearing.

In situations where spouses cannot come to an agreement on the terms of their divorce and dependents, a contested divorce case is necessary. Contested divorce cases usually take longer than uncontested divorce cases. The reason for this is that there are a number of issues that need to be addressed such as allegations, presentation of evidence, custody and protection orders, social examination reports, alimony amounts, material and moral compensation claims, and hearing witnesses.

Where and how to apply?

In Turkey, according to the Turkish Civil Code, a divorce case is filed by submitting a petition to the family courts established in the relevant area, or to the civil court of first instance acting as a family court in areas where there are no family courts. The lawsuit should be filed either in the place of residence of one of the spouses or in the location where they have lived together for the last six months prior to the lawsuit.

The petition should include the name of the court, the names, surnames and addresses of the plaintiff and defendant, the Republic of Türkiye identification number of the plaintiff, and if applicable, the names, surnames and addresses of the legal representatives of the parties and the plaintiff's attorney.


The petition should also clearly summarize, under a serial number, all the facts on which the plaintiff's claim is based, as well as the evidence that will be presented to support each alleged fact. The legal grounds for the claim and a clear demand for the result should also be included in the petition. Finally, the petition should be signed by the plaintiff, their legal representative, or the plaintiff's attorney.

If you have any questions regarding Ankara family and divorce lawyer or cases, do not hesitate to send them to us.

In addition, you can contact Attorney Enes Teker directly at the phone number provided above for further assistance with legal matters.

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